Can it be used every day?
Yes, it can be used daily. However, only use once per day per area. Refrain from using more than once in the same area as doing so may result in muscle fatigue. Also, if you sense something abnormal with your skin or body, stop use immediately and consult your doctor.
Can I use it in the bathroom?
The product is not waterproof. Refrain from using it in the bathroom as doing so may result in an accident, injury, damage or the product getting dirty.
How do I care for the product?
Wipe off any dirt or grime on the surface of the product with a dry cloth. Please refer back to the instruction manual, section - Maintenance on P.16 for details on how to clean the gel sheets.
What level should I use it at?
Use a weak level when using it for the first time. Once you are used to a weak level, adjust the level as desired.
Is it OK to put some lotion or body cream on before use?
Doing so will reduce the adhesion of the gel sheets and may weaken the sense of the stimulation, so do not put anything on your skin before use.
Are there any places or conditions when I shouldn’t use it?
Do not use on parts above the neck (head, face, etc.) or on areas around the heart, such as the spine, chest or shoulder blades. Furthermore, do not use if you have any heart conditions. Please refer back to the instruction manual, section - Safety Precautions on P.2.
Is it OK to use the product during pregnancy or immediately after childbirth?
No, do not use this product at such times. Women postpartum or who are nursing should consult with their doctor.
The battery seems to wear out very quickly. Is there a problem?
When a fresh battery is used, it lasts for about 30 programs at level 8 (at a room temperature of 20°C). However, the life expectancy of the button battery varies greatly with the environment in which it is used and stored. The battery that comes with the product is for trial use. When replacing the button battery, use a fresh CR2032 lithium button battery.
Is it OK to use the product while sleeping?
Do not use the product while sleeping.
Will my muscles get sore from using this product?
Just as with any kind of training, your muscles may get sore. If your muscles are sore, refrain from using the product or lower the level.
When should I replace the gel sheet?
This varies with the usage environment, but in general replace with new sheets after using them about 30 times (stick/unstick from your skin). Also, replace with a new gel sheet if the sheet’s adhesion deteriorates or if part becomes detached, rolled in a ball, etc.
The electrodes have become black; is this a problem?
No, this is not a problem. The electrodes may turn black, depending on the number of times used and/or the usage conditions. The electrode material itself is being discolored. It is not anything unsanitary, such as mold or dirt, and it does not diminish the performance of the product.
How can I apply gels on SIXPAD?