Everyday life time changes to training time.

The secret of its technology <2 Mins 51 Sec.>

Automatically cycles from warm-up to cool-down.

The program progressively increases exercise intensity in stages
as time elapses, and automatically stops when the program is completed.

The 23-minute training program
to tone and firm your muscles.
Training ProgramTraining Program 

Train Anytime and anywhere

Training can easily be done anytime and
anywhere because of its thin, light and cordless design.

Training can be done while reading a book or doing house chores.
It is easy to do while on a business trip or on a vacation.
You could also do your exercise during your commute to work or whenever it would suit you best.

  • While Shopping

    While shopping
  • While Working

    While working
  • While Travelling

    While exercising
  • While Commuting

    While commuting

    *Do not use when driving as it may lead to accidents.

  • While Relaxing

    While relaxing
  • While Cooking

    While cooking


The soft silicone fits the curves of your body perfectly features and benefits

We have made it as slim as a second layer of skin and given it the flexibility to fit your body contour perfectly.

Highly durable electrodes features and benefits

Using thin, highly durable screen-printed electrodes for efficient delivery of electricity to the gel sheets.

Security of gradually increasing stimulation with slow-start setting features and benefits

When stimulation is started, the sensation of the impulses slowly increases in strength. This function prevents your muscles being taken off guard by sudden stimulation.

Skin detection alarm function informs you when the pad is not affixed to the skin features and benefits

The device is equipped with an alarm to inform you if the unit is removed from the skin while switched on.

It can be carried in its special case features and benefits
A support belt that will fit any body shape features and benefits