Automatically cycles from warm-up to cool-down.

The program progressively increases exercise intensity in stages
as time elapses, and automatically stops when the program is completed.

The 23-minute training program
to tone and firm your muscles.
Training Program Training Program

Sixpad Features

SIXPAD has the following features supporting
an efficient training

  • Soft Silicon

    Silicone design.

    Made from soft silicone, the thin design will follow you body's curves.

  • Electrodes

    Heavy duty electrodes.

    The thin and durable silkscreen electrodes efficiently transfer electricity to the gel sheets.

  • Highly Conductive Gel Sheets

    Highly Conductive Gel Sheets.

    The non-stick, highly adhesive gel sheets distribute electricity evenly over the body part they are attached to.

  • Control (Power/Level Adjustment)


    When the exercise starts, the intensity will gradually build up. This is to prevent muscle damage from any sudden stimulation. Another safety feature of SIXPAD is an alarm that sounds if the pad is disengaged from the skin while still turned on.

  • Electrodes

    Skin detection alarm that sounds if the pad is not attached to the skin properly.

    Another safety feature of SIXPAD is an alarm that sounds if the pad is disengaged from the skin while still turned on.

  • Highly Conductive Gel Sheets

    Support belt which fits any body type.

  • Control (Power/Level Adjustment)

    Control (Power/Level Adjustment)

    15 intensity levels to select from.

  • Power/Level

Highly conductive Gel Sheet features

SIXPAD works with non-stick,
super adhesive and highly conductive gel sheets

Gel Sheet Feature Image
Gel Sheet Feature Image
  • Conductivity
    Evenly delivers electricity to the body.
  • Low risk for skin irritation
    Delivers electricity in a consistent manner to the body which doesn’t irritate the skin.
  • Adhesion
    Excellent adhesiveness while attached and comfortably dry after removal.
  • Water Absorbency
    Absorbs and evaporates sweat through its temperature maintenance property. The pads keep the skin dry.


Ensure you use original SIXPAD gel sheets. Warranty will be void if other gel sheets are used. Please note: SIXPAD bears no responsibility whatsoever for any problems that result from using non-official SIXPAD gel sheets.

The gel sheet is a consumable item. Please replace with a new gel sheet in case of the following:
1 month after opening
After 30 uses
When the adhesive surface (gel surface) or adhesive has become dirty, deformed, punctured or when it has become dry.
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Apparatus Industrial Association
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The Japan Home-Health Apparatus Industrial Association is a general corporation that aims to contribute to improving the welfare of the country; it contributes to the independent maintenance and promotion of the nation’s health and the sound development of the home health device industry. The association works to ensure the quality, safety, efficacy and improvement in the technology of beauty and health care devices, which are used for self care in the home. It works with various government offices across a wide range of activities, such as establishing certification standards and creating JIS standards.