core technology

MTG has designed a product that features a newly developed,
proprietary waveform combined with the optimum 20Hz frequency that has been formulated
from the world's most advanced EMS theory.
Merging this with the training theory of one of the
world's greatest football players’, Cristiano Ronaldo to become the SIXPAD “CMM Pulse” core technology.
This “CMM Pulse” technology constitutes a revolutionary development in EMS training equipment.

20Hz PROVEN EMS DATA EMS is an efficient way to train, brought about by sports science research.

Findings from World-leading EMS Research

The future of muscles built by EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)
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Why 20 Hz is the most effective

For over 40 years, I've been involved in the research of methods for electrically stimulating the muscles.
When you move your muscles or exercise them, the brain sends electric current to the motor nerves, and current is then sent from the motor nerves to the muscles to move them.
The electric muscle stimulation which I am researching focuses on directly stimulating the muscles you wish to train by sending electrical currents from outside to the surface of the skin, in place of the brain and motor nerve currents.
This method is what is referred to as "skeletal muscle electrical stimulation".
In English?
"Electrical Muscle Stimulation" or simply "EMS".

What would be the ideal level of frequency for maximum strength muscle contraction?
We found that 20Hz of stimulation produced muscle power without any decline in tension.

A higher frequency of around 50Hz showed significant power gain, but resulted in almost immediate fatigue.
80Hz resulted in substantial power gain but caused immediate and substantial fatigue.
As a result, 20Hz of stimulation had a lasting effect over the other frequencies.

EMS is a key to the future of muscles

The skeletal muscle electrical stimulation which I described is, for example, ideal for extending the lives and health of elderly individuals who have a tendency to fall or break bones as their muscles deteriorate, or who lose muscle mass and function due to sarcopenia.
The electrical stimulation of skeletal muscles is also ideal for individuals worldwide to maintain and enhance their health, prevent the deterioration of muscles, or prevent weight gain. These and other applications may be possible for skeletal muscle electrical stimulation.
These are the hopes and dreams that continue to drive our research and development.

However, the 20 Hz frequency is associated with a
tingling pain characteristic of low frequencies

MTG RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT A unique waveform has been developed in order to eliminate the pain
[Patent pending]

The benefits of EMS

By targetting easily developed fast-twitch muscles,
a change in appearance is easily achieved

Muscles are made of extremely fine fibers, and can be broadly divided into slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscles.
As fast-twitch muscle is easy to build, training characteristically leads to a toned body. On the other hand, they can't be stimulated in ordinary training unless training intensity is high enough to put you out of breath.
Because EMS can selectively target fast-twitch muscle even while applying just a low level of stress, it can easily produce a change in appearance.

Issues with conventional EMS

When the frequency is too high,
no effects can be expected from training

Many EMS systems that were used in the past had a major issue: the frequency used was too high. A high frequency means a high number of electrical impulses.
For example, when the frequency is 60 Hz, 60 electrical impulses are delivered per second. At this point, muscles can no longer keep up with the impulses and become fatigued, which means that no effect can be expected from training. Against this background, world-leading research in sports medicine found that 20 Hz is an efficient frequency for training.
However, 20 Hz is associated with a tingling pain characteristic of low frequencies. This technical issue could not be solved, which is why it was difficult to create a commercial 20 Hz EMS training device.

MTG's strength in technological development

Successfully developed a unique waveform to eliminate
the tingling pain characteristic of low frequencies

Thanks to MTG's strength in technological development, they successfully developed a unique waveform utilising a 20 Hz frequency where the tingling pain characteristic of low frequencies is not felt.
In this way, they overcame the issue of conventional EMS devices whose frequency was too high to see any training effects.

CRISTIANO RONALD TRAINING METHOD A top athlete was involved from the development phase onward and added their own training theory to the mix

SIXPAD is me

Cristiano Ronaldo talking about SIXPAD Training Gear
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Training gear containing everything to create
a professional athlete's body

I have been involved in MTG's SIXPAD since its development phase. As soon as I saw it, I was confident that the whole thing would suit me perfectly.
And that is because this training gear contains it all: the creation of the body I always aimed for, the training I am dedicated to as a professional athlete, and the effort I have put in.

A key point is the ability to use it anywhere,
anytime and regardless of age

SIXPAD is the ultimate piece of training gear. Although I have actually tried several other similar products, none of them measure up to SIXPAD. Firstly, it is light and cordless. Secondly, it is smart, and another key point is that it can be used regardless of age, whether you are young, middle-aged, or a senior citizen. You can train your muscles anytime and anywhere.

I guess this SIXPAD is me.

Using this, you can train for explosive strength and achieve lean abdominal muscles. I truly believe that SIXPAD is a revolutionary training device. It is perfect for someone like me who aims to be the best.
I guess this SIXPAD is me! If you want a well-toned body like me, make sure you try this device.

*Personal opinion; this is not an indication of effectiveness.
* Individual results may vary.