One shine, We shine, All shine

[One shine : employees and the company]

MTG places the greatest value on the happiness and wellbeing of its employees. 
Each and every employee shines brightly with a positive attitude toward achieving their dreams and desires. And by sharing in each other's joys and sorrows, they build relationships based on trust and work diligently together to be united. This is what makes the further growth of MTG possible.

[We shine: partners and customers]

Thanks to this growth and passion on the part of MTG and its employees, we work with partners to create and deliver pioneering, innovative brands, and together we better ourselves and grow further. By continuing to surpass our customers' expectations and bringing them delight and happiness, we help our customers shine brighter in their own lives.

[All shine: industry and society]

As a result, we contribute extensively to local communities, industries, and the rest of the world to help all the areas of life we touch shine brighter.

About Our Business


We propose the creation of new products, in order to make people more healthy. Gathering the ability of Japan and the world,
we will fuse together cutting-edge technology and the greatest wisdom to develop innovative brands and contribute to the enrichment of society.

Business Field

MTG has built its business developing attractive brands around the themes of Wellness.
We will continue to create and offer attractive brands optimally suited to United Kingdom.