This bundle includes the Gel Sheets for SIXPAD Abs Fit 2 and two units of SIXPAD Body Fit 2.

SIXPAD Abs Fit 2 and SIXPAD Body Fit 2 work with advanced gel sheets. The adhesive, and residue free gel sheets are highly conductive, they safely deliver stimulation to the desired muscle groups. The gel sheets are designed specifically for SIXPAD Abs Fit 2 and SIXPAD Body Fit 2, and evaporate sweat, keeping your skin dry and comfortable during training.

• To be used with the SIXPAD Abs Fit 2 to target your abdominal muscles and build core muscle strength.
• Designed to be used with the SIXPAD Body Fit 2 to train your arms, legs and waist.
• Evenly delivers electricity to the body
• Low risk for skin irritation
• Absorbs and evaporates sweat through its temperature maintenance properties
• Our advanced gel sheets last 28-30 training sessions, please replace if the surface of the gel is dry, damaged or dirty

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  • Be sure to use genuine gel sheets. If non-genuine gel sheets are used even once, the warranty will no longer apply to the product.
  • Please note that we shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any problems that result from using anything other than genuine gel sheets.

Safety Precautions

Never use at the same time as the following kinds of medical electrical devices. Doing so may cause an accident or the medical device to malfunction and result in significant bodily harm.

  • Implanted medical devices, such as a pacemaker
  • Medical electrical equipment used to sustain life, such as heart-lung machines
  • Wearable medical devices, such as EKGs

The following persons should not use this product. Doing so may cause an accident or problems to the body or skin.

  • Persons with heart disease
  • Women who are pregnant or have just given birth

Read the instruction manual carefully and use this product correctly.